Uses of Colloidal Silver?

While Colloidal Silver is used worldwide as a preventative against viruses, bacteria and funguses through daily oral use; when it is used topically on all kinds of skin conditions, the results have been remarkable!

Topical Use

In order to get the quickest results and promote rapid healing for any kind of skin problem, colloidal silver should be applied as often as possible (min. of 4 times a day). For this, a little spray bottle is very convenient to carry with you for use any time during the course of the day. Simply spray on and massage gently into the skin where necessary.

In the case of an isolated area where a band aid can be applied (for herpes sores, bed sores, warts and cuts or abrasions), saturate the band aid pad with colloidal silver and apply the band aid. Keep pad moist with colloidal silver to promote rapid healing.

Oral Use

For all persistent ailments such as Athlete’s Foot, Herpes Virus, Candida and Arthritis, it is recommended that one also ingests 10-15ml of colloidal silver in the morning and repeat in the evening. (Please note: colloidal silver works very quickly to counteract Candida. Because it speeds up the climination of toxins, one may experience a minor skin rash or runny tummy. This is temporary and should pass within 24 hours.)

Directions for making colloidal silver water

Connect your battery to the device and place silver sticks in a glass of water. Leave in water for 1 sec per ml. For example 20ml of water = leave silver maker in water for 20 seconds.

Hover over the boxes below to see the uses and applications for each condition

Athlete's Foot

Spray on feet and between toes as often as possible (minimum of four times a day) and massage well into all affected areas. Drink 10-15ml in the morning and repeat at night. Normal healing process – five to ten days. Spray colloidal silver in shoes and cross-trainers to eliminate foot odour.

Herpes Virus / Lesions / Sores

Take 10-15ml in the morning and repeat at night. Spray or dab on affected area three times a day. Lesions have been known to disappear within 24 hours.

Candida & Vaginal / Yeast Infections

Take 10-15ml in the morning and repeat at night. Added to douches, women will find that it rapidly clears up vaginal / yeast infections and most cases of cystitis. Spray directly onto or into the problem areas.

Sinus & Ear Infections

Take 10-15ml in the morning and repeat at night. Using a dropper, put two drops in the ear, or spray colloidal silver in the ear, saturating a small piece of cotton wool for an earplug and then periodically re-spraying every two hours.

Diaper Rash / Baby Rash

Babies’ Nappy Rash (or any other rash) clears up rapidly with colloidal silver. Simply spray a little directly onto the body and affected areas before putting on a fresh diaper. Note: colloidal silver is completely harmless for babies, even on the most sensitive areas.

Eye Infections

Apply 2/3 drops every two hours and before going to sleep. Infection should clear up within 6 hours or by the next day. Soothing to the eyes and completely safe for babies and children.

Cuts / Wounds / Sores / Abrasions

Spray directly onto cuts, wounds and sores to eliminate surface infections. For open wounds, spray colloidal silver immediately right into the damaged tissue. Thereafter, spray as often as possible onto any dressing or band aid pad used. Unlike many other antiseptics, colloidal silver does not sting or burn and assists the surrounding tissues to promote rapid healing.

Burns & Sunburn

Spray immediately on affected area to prevent infections, lower pain and promote faster healing with less scarring. Spray as often as possible. For sunburn, spray often over all affected areas for quick, soothing relief and rapid healing.

Arthritis / Gout / Rheumatism

Drink 10-15ml in the morning and repeat at night. Take every day or as required for lasting relief from pain.

Boost Immune System & Vitality

Taken regularly, colloidal silver enhances the immune system and helps the body’s natural defences against colds, flu and a host of disease causing pathogens.

Eczema / Skin Rash / Psoriases / Bed Sores

Dab or spray colloidal silver directly onto affected area, rubbing slightly. Repeat often to keep the area moist. Bandage lightly, if desired, keeping the bandage moist with colloidal silver. Older folk who are bedridden or disabled folk can especially benefit from colloidal silver.

Warts & Moles

Cover the wart or mole with a small adhesive bandage saturated with a few drops of colloidal silver. Keep the pad moist with colloidal silver. The wart or mole should disappear within a few days. Large warts may take a few days longer.

Foot Odour

Spray on as required. Spray into shoes daily to keep feet fresh.


Colloidal silver clears up ulcerative and infective skin conditions due to flea infestation, mange, eczema, skin sores or abrasions. Spray colloidal silver onto the affected area and rub it into the skin and fur regularly until condition clears. Add 5-10ml to daily drinking water for general good health.


Add 10-15ml to a litre of water and use as a plant spray to stop fungi, moulds, rot and most plant diseases. Treating the soil around young plant roots make them grow more vigorously and healthier. Cut flowers can last up to two weeks when 10-15ml is added to their water!


Spray for vitality, health and growth over a long period.