Uses of Colloidal Silver

While Colloidal Silver is used worldwide as a preventative against viruses, bacteria and funguses through daily oral use; when it is used topically on all kinds of skin conditions, the results have been remarkable!

Topical Use

In order to get the quickest results and promote rapid healing for any kind of skin problem, colloidal silver should be applied as often as possible (min. of 4 times a day). For this, a little spray bottle is very convenient to carry with you for use any time during the course of the day. Simply spray on and massage gently into the skin where necessary.

In the case of an isolated area where a band aid can be applied (for herpes sores, bed sores, warts and cuts or abrasions), saturate the band aid pad with colloidal silver and apply the band aid. Keep pad moist with colloidal silver to promote rapid healing.

Oral Use

For all persistent ailments such as Athlete’s Foot, Herpes Virus, Candida and Arthritis, it is recommended that one also ingests 10-15ml of colloidal silver in the morning and repeat in the evening. (Please note: colloidal silver works very quickly to counteract Candida. Because it speeds up the climination of toxins, one may experience a minor skin rash or runny tummy. This is temporary and should pass within 24 hours.)

Directions for making colloidal silver water

Connect your battery to the device and place silver sticks in a glass of water. Leave in water for 1 sec per ml. For example 20ml of water = leave silver maker in water for 20 seconds.